Building strong client relationships takes a blend of experience, innovative ideas, and empathy. Vicki Brown, EVP Client Relations, has all three in spades. It is LoanCare’s great honor to announce Vicki has been named a 2022 HousingWire Vanguard Awardee. We are proud of the recognition she has received and the inspiration and leadership she has brought to our internal and external teams. Vicki truly cares for our associates and customers, which shows in her focus and energy.

HousingWire, one of our industry’s most authoritative sources of news on the United States mortgage and housing markets, awards the annual Vanguard Awards. The award “recognizes industry professionals and business unit leaders who have become leaders in their respective fields within housing and mortgage finance — those whose leadership is moving markets forward, each day. Winners come from diverse backgrounds, and may run established companies or start-ups, but share one common trait: an unmistakable impact on the industry at large.”

Blending over 35 years of industry experience with a wicked sense of humor and a killer pair of heels, you always know when Vicki is in the building – her infectious laugh often preceding her to meetings. But don’t let her laugh fool you. Vicki is tough as nails when fighting for clients’ or employees’ needs. From championing improvements to the homeowner website for a more seamless experience, to advocating for an enhanced welcome package for new customers, she cares about our client experience, old and new. In addition, Vicki played a crucial role in many of our recent loan servicing customer-facing tool updates.

Leading by example, Vicki is often the driving force behind the resolutions and enhancements that lift our overall performance by never settling for good enough. Vicki is the first to speak up and offer solutions that move our company forward when a tool or process can be improved. Assisting customers on their journey to homeownership and the collaboration between internal teams and our clients to solve challenges creatively is among Vicki’s passions (along with rescuing shelter pups).

Vicki is also the executive sponsor of the LoanCare Women’s Initiative Council – an essential component of LoanCare’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) program. As a female executive herself, Vicki understands the importance of having a female perspective and female mentors to help guide the large number of up-and-coming female leaders that will be moving the industry forward in the future.

Within her Client Relations group, Vicki has cultivated a strong team of women leaders who together ensure LoanCare’s executive leadership, HR teams, and operational colleagues across the organization understand the challenges women face, from all walks of life, to guarantee those voices are heard and our culture supports women’s professional development.

Vicki also recently became a board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Virginia – an organization that LoanCare has sponsored for years and something she is very honored to be part of. She is passionate about supporting our youth, providing them access to tools for learning, and moving them toward a successful career.

It is an incredible honor to have Vicki on our team. Read more about Vicki and the other 2022 HousingWire Vanguard Award Winners HERE.

Vicki Brown