Subservicing is LoanCare’s core competency, not a sideline business or a way to fill excess capacity. We do not originate or refinance loans. We also do not own any MSRs that would otherwise distract us from the full attention we apply to the subservicing of our mortgage company client portfolios. We are fully committed to the subservicing business, as we are fully aware that our successes rise and fall with the quality of the service we provide to our mortgage company clients and their customers.

In addition, LoanCare, through our parent company and affiliates, is a one-stop shop for other real estate transactions services, including title and close, valuations and flood certification services. We can bundle many of our services across the enterprise to achieve an integrated solution at reduced cost.


Full Subservicing

We understand how important it is to stay in control of your servicing business, and that is why LoanCare provides tailored loan subservicing solutions driven by your guidelines and business objectives.

Interim Subservicing

LoanCare offers an interim subservicing program designed to remove many of the obstacles mortgage companies face when they grow their servicing released origination businesses.

Backup Servicing

In the event of a material adverse change or breach of contract between a client and its existing servicer, LoanCare offers contract backup or standby servicing to help maintain servicing continuity.

Special Servicing

LoanCare offers customized special servicing programs to meet the needs of those mortgage companies with higher risk and scratch and dent loans.