What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a quintessential question we ask of every child – expecting answers like artist, astronaut, or fireman. For many of us the possibilities may have seemed endless. But for others, it may be difficult to know where they’ll be in a few days or weeks, let alone years. Planning for the future can be a luxury when managing the present is a daily struggle.

Professional development is important at LoanCare. Our diverse team comes to LoanCare from all walks of life, and we are proud to be a part of their career journey. From first jobs to last, we support our team with tools, resources, and guidance through every stage of their career. A passion that doesn’t end within, rather it extends as a commitment to the communities in which we work and live by supporting local organizations to provide hope, skills, and opportunity to those around us.

This month our Virginia Beach, VA, team put passion into practice at the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Virginia (BGCSEVA). The culmination of a years-long partnership, LoanCare and the BGCSEVA joined forces with the Hampton Roads Workforce Council (HRWC) to bring to life a new Workforce Development Room at the Rosemont Teen Center. Designed as part office space for the HRWC and part career center, the Workforce Development Room offers exceptional opportunities for area teens, and their families, to explore career options across industries and develop the tools and skills needed to enter the workforce equipped to succeed.

Focusing on academic skills, workforce readiness, career preparation, and leadership development, the addition of the Workforce Development Room at the Rosemont Teen Center opens new doors to teens and young adults looking to find the right career fit. In celebration of the Workforce Development Room’s grand opening, LoanCare volunteers attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring speakers from all three organizations dedicating the room before assisting BGCSEVA members with a STEM activity building robotic cars. With the promise of a pizza prize on the line, every team was in it to win!

Many on our LoanCare team and their families have grown up in Boys & Girls Clubs across the country, with the Rosemont Club no exception. Just down the street from headquarters, our support of their mission to, “enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens,” is a no-brainer. Whether they grow up to be artists, astronauts, firemen, or maybe even LoanCare team members, all children deserve access to the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their dreams. The Workforce Development Room is one way we can help them get there.


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