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We will deliver the best value available through a performance driven approach, incorporating the right people and processes.

Superior Service and Performance

Work with an experienced management team who understands the importance of customer experience and financial performance when it comes to maximizing your Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) asset value.

LoanCare’s proven operational excellence enables the capacity and scalability to board significant loan volume. Stellar servicer ratings from S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch support our ability to deliver time and again. Our rigorous approach to compliance, risk management and fraud prevention stands up to the highest levels of regulatory scrutiny. We will exceed your expectations every day.


Leverage our established relationships with sizable capital markets and hedge fund companies who are active participants in property investments. With more than 60 subservicing clients LoanCare can be a source for MSR solutions. All stakeholders benefit from an internal LoanCare-to-LoanCare servicing trade, which typically features lower setup and release fees with virtually no borrower disruption.


Our proprietary analytics platform offers unprecedented visibility into your loan data. Dashboards provide at-a-glance summaries down to the loan level. Lenders can access historical, current, and predictive views of their loan portfolio to identify opportunity, manage risk and mitigate loss.


Exceptional customer service starts with our people. We provide personalized support, including more than 1,200 highly trained staff in redundant call centers nationwide. Our intuitive website, MyLoanCare.com and mobile app, equips customers with extensive self-serve tools and resources.

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LoanCare Mortgage Servicing Solutions

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LoanCare is an outsource option for property investors to expand capabilities and respond to market dynamics with maximized operational efficiency and minimized infrastructure dependencies.

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