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Subservicing is what we do, not a sideline business or a way to fill excess capacity. We do not originate or refinance loans. We also do not own any MSRs that would otherwise distract us from the full attention we apply to our mortgage company client portfolios. We are fully committed to the subservicing business, as we are fully aware that our successes rise and fall with the quality of the service we provide to our clients and their customers.

Full Subservicing

LoanCare is an outsource option for mortgage lenders to expand capabilities and respond to market dynamics with maximized operational efficiency and minimized infrastructure dependencies.

Our subservicing programs enable you to be flexible in the secondary market, assisting you to choose the best execution for your loans. You can diversify your exit strategies to include whole loan sales, securitizations and deliveries to the GSEs. As a result of our experience and support of a wide variety of servicing products and services, you can now offer new and different products to your customer base at a time that makes the most sense to you.

LoanCare is proficient at one-time bulk portfolio transfers of existing portfolios and we support the needs of lenders with newly originated flow loan programs.

The main benefits of engaging a subservicer include:

  • Enhancing your borrower experience
  • Reduced operational and compliance risk
  • The ability to expand your mortgage servicing business without expanding infrastructure
  • Access to advanced servicing systems
  • Lower cost
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In addition to holding licenses in each state requiring one, LoanCare is an approved servicer for the U.S. mortgage industry.