Backup Servicing

Whether a standby arrangement, rating agency requirement or contingency plan, we have the support you need.

Alleviate concerns about continuity.

LoanCare has the experience and capability to accept a transfer of a servicing portfolio at a predetermined and agreed upon time, while ensuring little or no disruption of the borrower experience or portfolio performance. There is a wide range of needs for backup subserving from standby arrangements and rating agency requirements to best practice contingency planning. LoanCare’s strategic and operational expertise will help build the right solution to meet your specific business objectives.

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Maintains a readiness to assume the duties of a previous servicer
  • Receives, maps and verifies data at predetermined intervals during a given year
  • Accepts a transfer with proper written notice
  • Boards and services loans in a live environment
Build a Servicing Solution for Your Needs

Discover how we can drive value for your portfolio while providing superior service.



In addition to holding licenses in each state requiring one, LoanCare is an approved servicer for the U.S. mortgage industry.

S&P Global
Fitch Ratings