LoanCare is proud to announce the release of its Advanced Portfolio Management System, the LoanCare Analytics™ platform. Named by a top rating agency as the most robust analytics tool available in the industry, LoanCare Analytics™ aggregates real-time data and provides on-demand access to insights across the servicing spectrum.

“Having an all-in-one tool to manage servicing portfolios is more important than ever, as the market continues to move through volatile economic conditions. This is a significant technological advancement for the industry. It offers our clients unprecedented transparency into their loan portfolio and doesn’t require lenders to hire analysts to weed through the information,” said Dave Worrall, President of LoanCare.

The platform is built with MSRs in mind, offering an in-depth understanding of Customer Engagement, Liquidity and Credit Risk. The LoanCare Analytics™ solution is a”single source of truth” platform, identifying risks and opportunities in real-time. The platform features:

  • Reporting Services
  • Interactive Applications
  • Risk Analysis

View Press Release to read more about LoanCare Analytics™